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Dr. Rachel graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota and moved to Tucson, Arizona to start Inspired Life Chiropractic & Wellness. Dr. Rachel uses her life experiences to relate to, and help guide the patients who come into her office to become the best versions of themselves.

She met her husband Jonathan Spurr in Tucson, Arizona. They have a lot in common and enjoy supporting each other both in their personal and professional lives. Jonathan has been in the mortgage industry for over 30 years and while it may seem unconventional to have a chiropractic and mortgage team under one roof, having good financial health is an important aspect of physical health as well.

Together, Dr. Rachel and Jonathan created The Inspired Life Group. This includes chiropractic, mortgage, massage, acupuncture, and other modalities to help give you the results you are looking for. The Inspired Life Group was created with integrity and strives to deliver the best quality care and services to the Tucson community.

When they aren’t in the office, Dr. Rachel and Jonathan can be found hanging out together in the kitchen, having friends over for dinner, driving up the mountain, going on a hike, or chilling with their 3 dogs, Rusty, Kona, and Dakota.




This is my favorite place. Love all the staff!! They are so knowledgeable kind and always well kept and clean. I recommend them to everyone I know!

– V. H.

I have been struggling with a shoulder injury due to multiple dislocations for the last 20 years that prevented me from not only daily activities but my passion in life, golfing. I heard a radio ad and figured I could give the wave treatments a shot. After the full course of treatment my shoulder is 90% pain free and I can now do my house chores and golf whenever I want. Inspired Life literally changed my life!

– C. K.

I found Inspired Life Chiropractic in Tucson after a stressful family move across the Country, and here I was able to find some relief through various methods they offer, most of which are not commonly offered, and really do make a big difference in my mobility and life in general. For example, Hocatt and Softwave.  With the Hocatt, it only takes 30 minutes each session: I am able to successfully detox, help to get rid of heavy metals (rather than sit in a sauna an hour a day for 5 days as a previous Dr suggested), help minimize tingling on my body, and feel good with my thyroid.  Jill BPatient since 8/22

The softwave has helped me remove knee pain leftover from knee surgery. It also can help with many types of pain. Both of those machines are wonderful and can help so much. They have lots of ways to help a body.  It is truly innovative, mind blowing and amazing. I wish I found them earlier for the reason that this method doesn’t hurt like IV treatments. But with some of the same benefits.Also, the Chiropractic and Massage services enable me to maintain a move and groove lifestyle. I am too young and have too much to accomplish to be sedentary or be in pain. Combining exercise and strength at home with the services Inspired Life offers has changed my life for the better and I am so thankful! Feeling good should be a priority. Jill BPatient since 8/22

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