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To be instruments of God as we inspire, empower and motivate our community to take charge of and to understand the value of their health through our positive, relaxing and educational chiropractic wellness clinic.  To create a practice full of patients who will inspire others as they stand out as ambassadors of chiropractic health in their community.

New Technology Helps The Health Of Our Community
Dr. Davis & Dr. Novak have joined a growing number of chiropractic doctors who have upgraded their level of care to assess the health and well-being of their community.  Patients of Inspired Life Chiropractic & Wellness can now be examined by the Insight Subluxation StationTM, a non-intrusive technology which is a neuro-spinal screening and evaluation system originally designed to measure changes in the spinal muscles of astronauts.

Dr. Davis & Dr. Novak use the InsightTM technology to measure subluxations, which helps identify misalignments of the spine that cause nerve interference. Spinal misalignment disturbs the muscle's regular nerve function, causing an abnormal amount of electrical flow to the muscles and creating other health problems. The Insight Subluxation StationTM measures the electrical flow and charts it using graphics that show the spine and specify precisely when chiropractors should adjust their patients, allowing for increased accuracy in diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. The InsightTM technology used by Dr. Davis & Dr. Novak has also received exclusive certification as a Certified Space TechnologyTM by The Space Foundation, which is co-founded by NASA.

"We are extremely excited to be able to bring this exciting technology to our community," states Dr. Novak "Providing the highest level of care for our patients is the goal and purpose of our office." The Insight Subluxation StationTM is the only technology of its kind certified by the Space Foundation.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I am so grateful to Dr. Rachel and Dr. Courtney for the excellent care they have given me. My sense of well-being has been re-established; immune system boosted, and pain alleviated. I highly recommend choosing them for your chiropractic care!"
  • "My health, wellness, strength, immunity, awareness of how stress impacts my nervous system, and how to be more positive has improved greatly...and it also is because of the love I have for Drs. Rachel and Courtney!"